Learn how to install Fog Cannons™ with free e-learning courses

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PROTECT™ offers a free and very professional education programme for all registered alarm installers of our Fog Cannons™ worldwide. 

Our e-learning courses are a combination of watching videos with no speak and answering multiple-choice questions.  This is supported with additional learning tools, such as manuals and measurement guides, which are accessible within the e-learning platform. 

At the moment we have three different courses and each course ends with a multiple choice test. The courses are named:

  • Course 1: Simple installation
  • Course 2: Intelli products
  • Course 3: PROTECT™ API & PROTECT IntelliCloud™

Why e-learning?

E-learning is a flexible way to learn. Choose your own time and place for learning. Moreover, there is no time restriction on how long it takes to complete. 

With passed courses in fitting and usage of Fog Cannons™, the safety, the quality and your credibility are increased at your customers. You also gain a greater knowledge of security fog, which you can share with colleagues and customers.  

When you have completed the PROTECT™ E-learning coursesyou will be equipped and ready to install any of our Fog Cannon range.  Cenelec international standards stipulates that alarm installers/fitters must have received instruction and passed a test in order to mount any fog machine. 

Practical information

Each course participant must register by completing the form on this page to the right. We then send a unique login to each person as well as a link to the courses.